Build Your Own CoRe Day!

In this article: How to get resources, marketing support and funding for your local CoRe Day.

What is a CoRe Day?

There is a series of events and a movement that calls itself “CoRe Days” (abbr. Coach Reflection Days). The purpose of this movement is, to make it easy and achievable for Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters to get help with difficult situations and exchange with other Coaches and Scrum Masters. The movement was initiated by Martin Heider, Gerald Fieser and myself in 2014. But during the last years many more people engaged in the movement and organized CoRe Days in several cities.


If you like this idea, and would even be willing to organize such a day, the following article will show you what resources are already available and can be used and what support you can get with it.

How to organize

We do already have some materials for CoRe Days, that you may freely use and adapt. The most important one is the CoRe Day Handout. In this handout the CoRe Day structure is described and theres a guide for a supervision format and coaching dojo inside.


If you have a venue and the structure for your day, the event is still not successful. You will have to spread the word about it. To this end there exist some channels you can already use for this purpose:

As an organizer you can just contact us, if you want to use any of these channels to do some marketing for your upcoming event.


To make it easier for newbies to start a CoRe Day and to minimize the risk, Martin Heider and me decided to spend surpluses of our CoReDays to offer initial funding for new local initiatives. Since the CoRe Day is meant to be a non-profit event, we offer support up to 1000 € for new organizers of the CoRe Day, so that you have only a very limited financial risk in experimenting with new locations. You can just contact us if you are interested in this offer and want to know more about it.


What else do you need to initiate CoRe Days in your city or location? Get going and have fun!

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